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Get up close and personal with the alpacas. Learn how wonderfully sweet and exceptionally soft they are. We’d love to share our passion for all things alpaca!
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Willowbrook Chronicles

Visit Alpacas at Willowbrook at Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival

Next weekend, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June, Alpacas at Willowbrook Farm  will have a vendor booth at the Iowa [...]

Sorting and Grading Alpaca Fiber Part Two

In another post I outlined the reasons why sorting and grading alpaca fiber is beneficial. Since shearing our alpacas, I [...]

Fiber Tuesday, Where Alpaca Meets Shetland.

Yesterday was Fiber Tuesday - my monthly day off the farm with my fiber friends! It was a beautiful day [...]

  • Overland Park Arboretum

Felting – A Magical Process at Overland Park Arboretum

Fiber, (alpaca or wool) hot water, soap and agitation. Put these all together and you can create felt. Felting is [...]

  • Sorting and Grading Alpaca Fiber

Sorting and Grading Alpaca Fiber

Why sort and grade your alpaca fiber? The main reason is to improve the quality of the end product. This can make you stand out from your competitors when it comes to sales!

Your Best Friend – Your Alpaca Veterinarian

Finding a good alpaca veterinarian is a top priority for your alpaca farm. As you become more experienced in handling [...]

About Alpacas at Willowbrook Farm

Willowbrook Farm, a vintage 20 acre farm in rural Miami County, is situated just 20 minutes south of the Kansas City Metro. Our livestock background and experience with alpacas, from raising and breeding then to all aspects of their luxurious fiber, is a valuable resource to you as a new owner.
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Our herd represents a diversity in high-quality bloodlines with each alpaca selected for correctness of confirmation and excellence of fiber. Our breeding program further enhances these characteristics.
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The Willowbrook Farm herdsires have been carefully selected from winning bloodlines proven to pass on award winning traits to their offspring, ensuring continuing improvement with each generation

Willowbrook Farm is pleased to offer boarding services to clients purchasing alpacas from us.

From farm set up to conducting herd health tasks, we offer you in-depth help and guidance.

Fiber Sorting & Grading
Jeanette, a Certified Fiber Sorter & Classer provides professional services and advice on all alpaca fiber related topics

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At Alpacas at Willowbrook Farm we offer our own home grown yarn for sale as well as carefully selected items of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories made in Peru.

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