The 25th annual North Country Fiber Fair was held in Watertown, South Dakota on September 23 and 24. This fair is a real celebration of fiber! I first heard about it from another alpaca farmer who attended one year. While it was not particularly suited to her product it sounded as if my yarn and roving would fit well. I first tried it four years ago and have been returning every year since. The venue is great for loading and unloading, always a consideration when you have to carry heavy boxes etc. It is extremely well organized and the people are delightful. There are classes throughout the weekend with well known instructors, a spin- in which goes on throughout the weekend and of course vendors for all your fibery needs over the winter. For attendees there is a Saturday night banquet which is always fun. Yarn shops are few and far between in this part of South Dakota so this fair is always well attended by people who know what they want and come to buy it.

It is always a real pleasure when return customers arrive at the booth. Of course I am always very happy that they liked my product and want more. There is a great deal of effort that goes into producing a first class end product and it is always good to know that it pays off! In my view, it all goes back to sorting and grading and ensuring that your fiber going to the mill is uniform. It also helps to have a great mill!