Finding a good alpaca veterinarian is a top priority for your alpaca farm. As you become more experienced in handling your animals and dealing with day to day issues, there will be many things that you can learn to do yourself . There are books and internet sites where you can get information but there is no substitute for a good relationship with a veterinarian. We are very fortunate in this area in that there are many veterinary practices and several that specialize in large animals who have been willing to treat alpacas.

When we first started our alpaca adventure we already had an established relationship with a vet. We have  horses as well as dogs and cats and had already chosen a vet who was well known locally for his skill with equines. He was willing to take the alpacas on board too. This has worked well for us. We have had occasions over the years when we had a very sick animal. Our vet has always been willing to come to the farm at any hour of the day or night, including his day off, if we had a problem. We often laugh about the fact that he can always seem to get here in 20 minutes especially if we have an emergency like a dystocia. I understand that not everyone is fortunate to have an alpaca veterinarian that close and for many the nearest one is several hours away. I still think it is important to establish contact so that when you need advice you have someone to call on. Your vet can really be your best friend!