For the second year, Jeanette sorted and graded the fiber from the teaching herd at Kansas State University Veterinary School. Jeanette worked with Glen Alpert from Alpacas ‘R Diamonds who  sheared the herd. The best fiber was selected to send to Sally Brandon at Shepherd’s Mill in Phillipsburg, Kansas. Sally will process the fiber into yarn and then weave the yarn into finished products. These items will then be donated to the silent auctions which will be held at the MidAmerica Alpaca Show in Topeka in October, 2009 and next year at the MOPACA Show, with the proceeds going back the the Mid America Alpaca Foundation.

We are excited to be involved in this project for a second year and to show the beautiful end products that can result from alpaca fiber that is sorted and graded before being sent for processing and with the shearer, sorter and grader and processor working in colaboration to produce the best end product.

For more information go to and click on Alpacas on Campus and watch the video to hear the latest updates from Kansas State University Veterinary School.