Like many alpaca breeders we have a keen interest in the culture of the Andean region of Peru, Chile and Bolivia where the original alpaca imports to the US came from. Their culture is rich in colorful textile design but there are areas of great poverty. While doing my daily check of the BBC News website to see what was going on in the ‘old country’  I found this fascinating article of how one young British journalist, Lola Almudevar , from Nottingham – home of Nottingham lace – was remembered in the small village of Choritotora, Bolivia. Funds were raised in Nottingham to build a women’s center, called Centro Lola in her memory. The women of the village will now have a place indoors to work on their textiles which is the mainstay of their income. The Center will also be used as a heath and educational center. The opening of the center involved exchange of gifts – Nottingham lace for Andean textiles.

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