One of the great advantages of owning fiber animals is that it can introduce you to a completely new world. A world of spinners, weavers, felters, dyers and knitters – the wonderfully creative people who are fiber artists. I joined a spinning guild and a weaving guild when I decided I wanted to learn to spin and weave – I had been knitting since I was a child. Then I was invited to join a small group which was an offshoot of the guilds and has become known as ‘Fiber Tuesday’. This group of amazingly creative ladies meets on a monthly basis. We work on current projects, have a ‘show and tell’ for completed items, share ideas and offer help and advice when asked. We take it in turn to host the meeting and provide lunch. Some of the group are creative cooks too!

I always look forward to Fiber Tuesday as a day I can get off the farm, enjoy the latest creations of my friends and come home with new ideas and enthusiasm. Did I say it’s great fun too?